Katrine Stochholm
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Katrine Stochholm

“Verden Består af Samlinger af Stykker”. 

In a sonic and visual, performative show that includes dance, visuals, choirs and guest performances, the audience will be led through an emotional and heartbreaking concert that unfolds in dynamic curves from the intimate and silent trembling to the explosive and sensuous.

In April 2021, Katrine Stochholm’s album “Verden Består af Samlinger af Stykker” was released. Several of the songs from the album have been played on p6 Beat and the album received five star reviews GAFFA and Soundvenue who wrote:

“Katrine Stochholms krisealbum er en overdådig elektronisk skildring af den danske naturs skønhed. (…) Det tidligere Under Byen-medlem Katrine Stochholm har skabt en virkelig smuk skildring af den danske natur på ‘Verden består af samlinger af stykker’: Et elektronisk artpop-album, der fører dig gennem årstiderne og demonstrerer vigtigheden af klimakampen“ – Soundvenue 


Politiken and JP have both signed with 4 hearts/stars.

The work is a tribute to the change of seasons, and all we have is still balance. In 2018, we had a record hot summer where large parts of Europe were hit by drought. The satellite images spoke their own language: what had previously looked like a green oasis had become a dry and withered landscape seen from above. Lakes and streams dried up and animals died of thirst. And globally, forest fires are raging, coral reefs are dying and the ice at the poles is melting due to global warming.

As a songwriter and co-founder of the band Under Byen, Katrine Stochholm established herself around the turn of the millennium as an international, innovative artist. Under Byen stands as one of the most innovative Danish bands of all time, and as a key member of Under Byen, Katrine helped create three epoch-making and highly acclaimed albums.
‘Verden består af samlinger af stykker’ is released by Hun Solo Records.