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Since their release of the single “I Never Wanted To Meet You” in March 2021, the Danish sibling duo PRISMA has spread rings in the water among listeners and has marked itself as a new and promising musical project. Frida and Sirid Møl Kristensen started making music together in the childhood room in 2014, and inspired by artists such as Agnes Obel and and The Raveonettes, the sisters have hit a Nordic nerve that invites the listener into a cinematic and dreamy universe. Their tracks are especially characterized by their spherical and well-sounding polyphonic vocals that hover on a minimalist and heavy production of noisy guitars and electronic soundscapes. The lyrics are based on the close, and contain strong emotions and personal stories; both about life’s big questions, and about Frida and Sirid’s sisterhood, and spans a wide range of emotions. In November 2020, the duo released their debut EP “Her”, which with its six songs constituted a tale of the life cycle; birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, death, and rebirth. In May 2021, they released their second EP “Inside Out”, which is a coming-of-age story where they use music to explore their development as individuals. The music has an in-your-face output with an unpolished edge, lots of nerve, which is a revolt with the stalls of society. The EP received 6 stars from GAFFA
with the words: “It’s really hard to get our arms down when it dawns on one that we’re dealing with something as rare as a piece of original, captivating alt-pop, with punk tendencies. From Denmark! ”, Reads the magazine’s reviewer, who here describes the opening issue “Seven Greedy Girls”. On the occasion of the release, PRISMA played two sold-out concerts in Copenhagen, which also received 5 stars from GAFFA.