Northern Winter Beat 28 - 30 January 2016


CTM is Cæcilie Trier, Danish cellist, vocalist and composer, also known from Chimes & Bells, Marching Church and Choir of Young Believers


Jimmy Whispers is the talk of the town, not only in his resident Chicago, but all across the US. Imagine a mix between bedroom pop and Daniel Johnston, delivered with a lot of spirit and heart.


With critically acclaimed live performances for the Crown Prince Couple Awards, The Gaffa Award 2015 and P6 Beat Rocker Koncerthuset, the rock trio Velvet Volume from Aarhus has surprised the entire music industry. Sisters Noa, Naomi and Nataja Lachmi have played music together for many years, but in 2013 they formed Velvet Volume and played their first concert at Denmark’s Ugliest Festival in Aarhus the same year. With musical integrity and captivating performances they have taken the Danish critics and audiences by storm. The band builds its songwriting on energetic guitar riffs, creative bass riffs and a hard-hitting drumbeat, not unlike bands like The Runaways, White Stripes and Royal Blood. Velvet Volume released the singles “I Think I Need You” and “Runnin’ Wild” in 2015, both of which are on rotation on P6 Beat. At the beginning of 2016 the band will be releasing two double singles.


Adrian Crowley is an Irish singer/songwriter who is literally obsessed with music, an obsession that he manages to put into words. When you listen to his albums, it is striking how his lack of compromise and ambitious musical skills are reminiscent of the great songwriters: Scott Walker, Lou Reed, Ivor Cutler and Lee Hazlewood. Crowley’s songs are about more than just melancholy. There is also space for enthusiasm, happiness and hope in his world. Something that you can experience on his latest album, “Some Blue Morning”


“Swoolish is the smallest, cosiest living room that brings you the warm sounds of old jazz, bossa nova, swing and dated film score records - from a couch in a sultry atmosphere.” In Holland - and in Aalborg after Northern Winter Beat 2015 - DJ Swoolish has achieved cult status. Not content with just being one of the country’s top jazz and swing DJs - he also takes his own little mobile lounge with him. In doing so, he creates a real “Smooth Jazz Club” atmosphere. A musical cabinet of curiosities, in which Cool Jazz and Bossa Nova comprise the majority of the ingredients, with an added dose of Boogie Woogie, Boogaloo, Tango, Swing, Mambo, Northern Soul and Rhythm’n’Blues.


Ghetto Soul is Aalborg’s traditional soul club, bringing Northern Soul to North Jutland for almost a decade. Their resident DJ, Søren L will be spinning for Northern Winter Beat several times, providing opportunities to dance the night away to the tones from a long lost era. The genre is Underground Disco, Soul and R’n’B and we promise to give your eardrums a treat.


Camilla Sparksss is Barbara Lehnhoff’s (fra Peter Kernel) imagination and alter ego. She loves rap, drum machines, instruction videos, warm baths and travelling. She grew up on an Indian reservation close to Ontario, Canada. It was -27 degrees on the day that she was born on 17 December 1983, and Michael Jackson was playing on the radio. The Police, Culture Club and “Sweet Dreams” with Eurythmics. Music that went directly into her through her umbilical cord. She has assembled an Austin Healey piece by piece, grew up with a little brown bear and travelled around by boat or glider. Then she moved to Switzerland and studied Economics and Graphic Design and ended up becoming a film director. This is Barbara Lehnhoff. This is Camilla Sparksss.


Orcas is clearly inspired by beats from the 60s and consists of none other than Magnus Knudsen (from De Høje Hæle, Dig og Mig, Myreskær, etc.) and Oscar Lundsteen (from Danghera, etc.) who are also brothers. They share a love of the last 100 years of Rock history; from dusty Delta Blues to electrified R’n’B and cheeky white Rock ‘n Roll; over the Atlantic, to London and Liverpool, in a garage in the suburb of a major Danish provincial city and back onto the polished floors of the Playboy mansion. Orcas is the sound of a steady rock beat of a drum, a wooden bass and a pumping organ which mix and become one in peaceful harmony and a guitar solo that you don’t know whether you should laugh or scream about. Orcas have come to take you out to dance where your feet won’t touch the ground.


Bottlecap is a band consisting of three young, “skinny” musicians from Gøteborg, and if you love Rock ‘n Roll, you will love this band and if you love a wild live show, you will also love Bottlecap. In short: hefty, no-brainer rock at its best.


Since Palace Winter uploaded the first two songs to their Soundcloud page, and things have gone quickly since. Countless blogs have highlighted the band and now, only a year after they saw the light of day, and with only one concert to their name, Palace Winter have been given a recording contract with Tambourhinoceros (Rangleklods, Cancer, Chorus Grant, CTM etc.). For fans of Here We Go Magic, Tame Impala, Caribou, Kurt Vile and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Palace Winter consists of Caspar Hesselager and Carl Coleman, who mix singer-songwriter traditions with majestic pop. Hesselager also plays in My Heart The Brave, and Coleman is in the band Sink Ships. They are also accompanied by Christian Rindorf from The Rumour Said Fire, who plays drums on Palace Winter’s upcoming album.


If you are partial to Eik Skaløe and his cohorts in Steppeulvene, then you might want to turn your attention to De Underjordiske. The lyrics are in Danish and deal with themes of liberation, love and spirituality set in a mythological context. De Underjordiske have managed to maintain their roots in the acid rock scene of the 60s and 70s, imbuing their musical heritage with their own euphoric twist, challenging boundaries and adding new dimensions to their own genre.


Pale Honey is a minimalist rock duo from Gøteborg in Sweden. It is only a couple of years since Pale Honey released their debut album “Fiction”, which was followed by festival concerts in Germany and England. The first single from their album - “Youth” had its premiere at Stereogum and was praised by the Sunday Times, who chose Pale Honey to be their “Breaking Act”. The Line of Best Fit wrote of the album: ”The Chorus of 'Youth' is reminiscent of Sleater-Kinney: packed with refined and barely controlled fury. Lodmark’s pensive vocals keep the verses blissful, though you’ll come to relish the band’s prevailing rock 'n’ roll outbursts”

Switzerland / Canada

Kernel is an art-punk duo consisting of Swiss Aris Bassetti (guitar and vocals) and Canadian Barbara Lehnhof (bass and vocals). With their roots in art punk, Peter Kernel practices an intimate and engaged version of primitive and sexy pop punk rock. After the release of their first albums, Peter Kernel were invited by Canadian Wolf Parade to join them on their European tour. This took them to some of the biggest club stages in Europe and gave their careers an enormous boost. Since then, Peter Kernel has shared the stage with acts like Mogwai, Tran Am, Cat Power, Blonde Redhead and Trentemøller.


Chicaloyoh is the incarnation of Normandy-based Alice Dourlen. Chicaloyoh is a mix of guitar, keyboards and percussion, drawing inspiration from a number of different backgrounds. Chicoloyoh is a one-woman band and a good choice for anyone with Christina Carter and Nico on their playlist. Chicoloyah has recently released two full-length LPs on the French labels Faunsabbatha and Shelter Press.


Their dreamy and beautifully rolling debut single, “Daydreamers” was recommended by none other than The Guardian and has since created intense hype about the band on blogs and social media. The same applies to their latest singles, “Stones in the Water” and “Forward”, not least due to their wild soundscapes and colourful and unusual music videos. With their explosive energy and an added touch of poppy, melodic tunes, a nod to their colleagues in Tame Impala and Cocteau Twins, they are first and foremost their own colourful and innovative selves. With the debut album out on British Bella Union and a tour in the UK, things are looking good for Lowly in 2016.


Guitarist and vocalist here is Tim Kasher, frontman of Cursive. In 2015 the Good Life released their first album in eight years. “Everybody’s Coming Down”, has been called the thinking man’s soundtrack for 21st century existential angst. Compared to previous releases, this album is much more like a rock album, with the soft, folk-inspired pop/rock that previously characterised The Good Life’s earlier releases, supplemented with massive guitar noise, distorted psychedelics and moody ambient. The result sounds like a mix between Superchunk and Weezer, inspired by Tom Waits and Can.


Although their roots are firmly planted in “The New Weird America” and the American West Coast Psychfolk scene, Dead Western, aka Troy Mighty are very difficult to categorise. One man, a (very) deep voice and a guitar, a dandy or an arty farty hippy? Who knows, who cares? He may just be one of the most interesting people on the stage right now. Not just because of his heartrendingly deep sound and his theatrical performance on stage, but also his engaging lyrical strength. The latest album, “Everything Eternally” (Discorporate Records) from 2012, conjures up an image of a young man, who sounds like an ancient tree singing and mixes profound lyrics about love, sorrow, harmony and destruction with wonderfully simple musical scores.


A hard-hitting Italian duo consisting of bass and drums, who aim to use the minimum to achieve the maximum. Not metal, not punk, not noise, definitely not jazz-core, and certainly not post anything. Heavy riffs and unpredictable changes in tempo - in Italy the genre is called petardo and is best known here in the guise of bands like Fossils. The duo have three albums behind them, all of which have received rave reviews throughout Europe.


Berlin-based Susie Asado moves delicately and teasingly around in the sonic borderland between Tom Waits and Patti Smith. At the heart of Susie Asado are Josepha Conrad’s whispering, vocal and intelligent lyrics, which carry the minimalist arrangements of bass, ukulele, violin and clarinet. The band is named after a poem by Gertrude Stein, which may explain the fascination with language and its intention. Susie Asado’s latest album “State of Undress” was released on 21 August 2015.

Alternative Country/Americana from Los Angeles. Chris Senseney and Stefanie Drootin both grew up in Omaha, Nebraska’s Indie scene, in bands like Art in Manila, Bright Eyes, Azure Ray and She and Him. In Big Harp, they refine a low-key and intimate entry into the genre. They have released two albums on the American underground label Saddle Creek Records.

DANIEL KNOX Daniel Knox has achieved cult status in America with his dark and distorted version of traditional American song traditions, and his fans include David Lynch and Jarvis Cocker. An American singer/songwriter, who, with his powerful and unique baritone, would have fitted perfectly into the Vaudeville scene at the beginning of the 20th century. Daniel Knox’s album releases include “Disaster”, “Evryman for Himself” and his latest, “Daniel Knox”, from February 2015. This album signals a new, wider ranging songwriting, which invites listeners into Daniel Knox’s twisted world of time travel, abandoned shopping centers, and a Midwest, that is slowly fading. Collaborators on the album include Brett Sparks (The Handsome Family), Thor Harris (Swans), and Rufus Wainwright, who Daniel Knox has started collaborating with recently.


Troels Abrahamsen from VETO has been working on his piano for the past two years - new music and a new name - EXEC. After a successful career writing music on his computer, he felt an urgent need to change his method of songwriting. The new album is a piano album with vocals. EXEC is analogue music, where Troels has worked hard to capture the right take and make the music as organic as possible. The music is inspired by the harmonies and structures of the Nordic psalm tradition, but contrary to the hymn tradition, EXEC’s lyrics have no religious superstructure, but are instead deeply personal tales of personal meltdowns. Troels sings fabulously and pushes his voice out into corners, where his voice is allowed to unfold in new emotional, tonal and dynamic areas. Empathetic, touching and insistent. The coming album (February 2016), will be released by Tambourhinoceros and recorded with producer Mikkel Bolding. Together, they have spent many hours finding the right place to record each song to capture the perfect sonic expression.


A cold-wave / post punk trio from Minsk in Belarus. Powerful, black and quivering like a stripped-down and twisted version of Joy Division, if they had chosen to use a drum machine. Thundering death disco that you can dance to in a bender of equal parts melancholy and euphoria. Super Besse has been voted “Best New Blood” by both the British “Artrocker Magazine” and the Russian “Afisha Magazine”.


John Parish is a renowned composer, solo artist, producer and collaborating partner for artists like PJ Harvey, Eels, Giant Sand and others. John Parish and band will be coming to Northern Winter Beat directly from Bristol’s legendary “The Thunderbolt”, where they will play two exclusive shows, which you will now be able to experience. The concert will contain numbers from John Parish’s coming album, numbers from the back catalogue, and last but not least some of his soundtracks. John Parish has written music for film, theatre, and modern dance since the end of the 90’s, and won a series of prizes. As producer, John Parish has been responsible for a series of groundbreaking and prizewinning albums, including PJ Harvey’s “Let England Shake”, Jenny Hval’s “Innocence is Kinky” and Rokia Traore’s “Beautiful Africa. He has also produced for Sparklehorse, Tracy Chapman, 16 Horsepower and others. As an artist, he has created two albums with PJ Harvey - “Dance Hall at Louse Point” and “A Woman A Man Walked By” - an album together with Eels - “Souljacker” as well as three albums under his own name.


Elevatorfører plays Danish language psychedelic rock music. Elevatorfører’s output has been described as C.V. Jørgensen meets Brian Jonestown Massacre, with an added touch of pop sensibility. The group’s members include both musicians and artists and in their live concerts combine musical performances and visuals, which create a seamless universe. The project was originally inspired by Danish 60s and 70s musical collectives like Furekåben and Røde Mor.


Lee Ranaldo needs no introduction: as founding member of Sonic Youth, and collaborating partner for notables like Glann Branca and William Hooker, Lee Ranaldo is renowned as one of the most significant guitarists of the past 30 years. After the iconic noise rockers in Sonic Youth decided to take an indefinite break, its members have worked individually on acclaimed solo projects. Guitarist Lee Ranaldo has used the time on refining his passion for psychedelic 70s rock a la his idols Neil Young and Grateful Dead. He has not been able to put his Sonic Youth legacy completely behind him yet on his latest album of November, Last Night on Earth, where the two styles are woven together to an eclectic mix. Lee Ranaldo’s concert at Northern Winter Beat will be an acoustic solo concert.


Kasper Spez is one of Denmark’s most innovative and renowned rap artists. He has his roots in classic battle rap, which he masters to his fingertips, but he has now packed this away in favour of a more profound, dreaming and honest expression. A bold, but necessary choice for Kasper Spez, even though he still loves classical hiphop, which he has now grown out of. The young rapper now finds inspiration in poets like Tom Waits, S.V. Jørgensen and Poul Dissing. Kasper Spez released his album “Logi” in September. The music pushes the boundaries of hiphop, with attractive, challenging songs. On “Logi”, Kasper’s lyrical universe balances the drunken ramblings of Tom Waits and C.V. Jørgensen in a mix of narratives that he has heard at cafés and bars. This is music for the day after the party.


Tue Track and Khal Allan were only actually supposed to try to create one number together. But they suddenly found themselves with a clutch of songs and agreed that they were probably in the process of making an album together. The collaboration is characterised by a spontaneity in which Tue Track and Khal Allan provide each other with space to experiment without limits. Two universes melt together. Tue Track is known primarily as a rapper and main producer in Malk De Koijn. He is part of the orchestras Booty Cologne and Nobody Beats The Beats, and released the electro album “Rockin” under the name Track72. “Ponyblood” marks the first time he has devoted himself to a partnership with an individual artist. Khal Allan’s career also goes back to the 90’s, but it was with the “Tuder og høvding” album of 2008 that he had his musical breakthrough. His ability to convey a fragmented world seen from an outsider’s point of view, was a hit with reviewers. He is, by his own admission, “a bit of a mad Halfdan Rasmussen” and his fabulous, rhyming texts, which mix fairytales, daily reality and science fiction, are in a class of their own.


The songwriter behind Spillemændene, Thorbjørn Radisch, has created the schizophrenically insane project Bisse in collaboration with the producer Jens Benz and the musicians Adi Zukanovic, Bjørn Heebøll and Lars Pilgaard. Their records and shows are a tour de force into hot flushes, aggressive attacks, dizzying visions, tight-chestedness and intense feelings of impotence. Bisse is currently working on the ambitious and critically acclaimed record trilogy, “Blodtrilogi” - the first part “PMS” was released in March, the second part “Umage” was released in September and the last part will be released in February. Bisse has also just released the hiphop record “BITCHIN”, which shows that Denmark has been given a new musical chameleon, who casts genre divisions aside and rises above many of facile lyrics characteristic of the genre, with a language that is filthy, but also beautiful and poetic.

The critics wrote about “PMS”:

  • “...this will be one of the year’s best Danish releases” - Sebastian Wittrock, Undertoner
  • ”With PMS Bisse appears as an idiosyncratic blizzard on the screens of Danish pop music” - Ralf Christensen, Information
  • ”...Danish texts unlike anything you’ve ever heard before” - Espen Strunk, Gaffa

Simon Finn (ft. Blood On A Feather)
UK / US / DK

When it comes to acid folk and psychedelic folk, there is just no getting around British singer/songwriter Simon Finn. His debut album, “Pass the Distance”, recorded in 1970 when he was just 19 years old, is a major work of the genre, and there are very few people who have reached the nightmarish intensity that Simon Finn achieved on songs like “Jerusalem” and “Big White Car”. Simon Finn is a musician, who - like Syd Barrett, Bill Fay or Pearls Before Swine - built a bridge between the psychedelic nightmare visions of acid folk, practiced by the likes of Comus and Jan Dukes de Grey and the more introspective and romantic folksy singer/songwriters like Nick Drake or even Leonard Cohen, who Politiken once compared Simon Finn with. Simon Finn disappeared without a trace at the beginning of the 70s because “Pass the Distance” was withdrawn due to legal problems over the cover. He was tired of sleeping on park benches and moved to Canada, where he worked as a karate teacher, chess teacher and ecological farmer, while his past as a musician slipped into his own personal oblivion. But the myth of the vanished artist, who had created one incredibly disturbing album before he disappeared, continued to grow.

David Tibet from the eclectic avant garde group Current 93 secured the re-release of “Pass the Distance” in 2004 and also managed to revive Finn’s musical career. And it would be a shame to reduce Simon Finn to “Pass the Distance”, because all the releases - but particularly an album like “Accidental Life” (2007) - show him to be a superb songwriter and guitarist, who as an artist is able to attain the same intensity as he did in the past, albeit now with a bitter, laconic humour. Simon Finn will be accompanied by Blood on a Feather, which consists of Sarah Hepburn and Mikkel Elzer. A duo, who has warmed up for forces in the genre like Vashti Bunyan, Linda Perhacs, In Gowan Ring and A Silver Mt. Zion.


Die Goldenen Zitronen is a German punk rock band who are known for their entertaining and politically relevant style. The band was formed in 1984 under the name Die Deutschen Nazikartoffeln, and they were a central part of the 1980s “Fun-Punk” movement. Genuine punk is still their main characteristic, but over the years the band has added more experimental musical forms like avant garde, no wave and electronica to their expression. Die Goldenen Zitronen has worked with bands like Peaches, Chicks On Speed, Mark Stewart (The Pop Group) etc. They have just released their 12th studio album – ”Flogging A Dead Frog” – which is also their first album with English texts.


Northern Winter Beat will be dishing up a helping of Swedish forest blues from the superb songwriter Daniel Norgren. Like a true Swedish cowboy, Daniel Norgren is a modest and elusive musician, who recounts snapshots that he collects in the region and expresses in glorious blues-folk, the gloom of which is accompanied by the pleasant sound of an organ and a calming rocking motion. His fifth album, ’Alabursy’ of 2015, secured him his first major accolades from a broad range of critics. The album was recorded on a cassette tape in Norgren’s own home. The soundscapes from the woods brought listeners thoughtful and powerful songs, the power of which lies in intimate encounters with the listener, a minimum of instruments and Norgren’s compassionate vocals. Norgren released his next album, The Green Stone’, and took to the road in Europe. Roskilde Festival and SPOT festival have already had the pleasure of his company, and now it is the turn of Northern Winter Beat, which will be getting a little taste of the Swedish forest blues in the year ahead.

EMMA ACS & The Inbred Family

Danish Emma Acs has just released her second album, Give In To Whatever, to critical acclaim and airplay. Emma Acs had her breakthrough with her debut album "Champagne" in 2010. This collection of distinctive, psych inspired and delightful songs, established Emma Acs as one of Denmark’s most promising new singers. But she became frustrated over writing songs in the same, familiar way, as in her successful debut. The monotony made her feel that she was “always repeating myself and I realised that I needed to learn to create music in a different way”, says Emma Acs. Which is why Emma Acs went for a tour around the USA, where she met up and recorded with Matt Hollywood from Brian Jonestown Massacre. Her errant journey ended in Los Angeles, where she found renewed inspiration for a new album, which was different to the debut “Champagne”. On “Give in to Whatever”, Emma Acs creates space for doubt, experiments and for musical impulsiveness. Together with producer Nis Bysted, the studio becomes an open space, where conventions can be challenged and a new enthusiasm for creating music. Now she can be seen live again, with her regular backing band, The Inbred Family, backing Emma’s beautiful vocals and extrovert performance.


No Northern Winter Beat without dirty rock. Spidergawd hail from the proud viking capital of Trondheim and are being hyped throughout Europe at the moment for their blues-inspired boogie-hard-rock. 2015 included shows at both Roskilde Festival and the Reeperbahn Festival. It helps, of course, to have two band members from the rock gods Motorpsycho in the band, but Spidergawd can easily stand on their own feet. The band’s debut album was nominated for the prestigious Norwegian “Spellemansprisen”. Armed with guitar, bass, drums and an alto-sax, the quartet’s love of classic rock sound shines through clearly and fans of bands like MC5 and Grand Funk Railroad can approach with ease. In fact, you should really stand as close to the stage as possible when Spidergawd plays live, because they put the drums at the front of the stage, while the rest of the band members stand on podiums behind them. And it works!


Swedish The Tallest Man on Earth, alias Kristian Matsson, is a phenomenal folk singer/songwriter who, with his brilliant acoustic guitar playing and his unique voice, is a unique listening experience. Kristian Matsson has released music under the alias The Tallest Man on Earth since he released his eponymous album in 2006. Two years later his debut album ”Shallow Grave” followed, and in 2010 his second and his last ep and also the album “The Wild Hunt” followed, which crept up various hit-lists and became a critical success, securing a place on several albums of the year lists. He achieved a major commercial breakthrough with “There’s No Leaving Now” (2012), which also garnered rave reviews from the critics. In 2015 his fourth album ”Dark Bird is Home” is eagerly anticipated, and just like the other recent albums, has the renowned US record company Dead Oceans, behind it.

  • “With mystique to spare, it’s a record to cherish.” (
  • “There’s No Leaving Now is one of the best albums of the year.” (Beats Per Minute)
  • “The Tallest Man on Earth continues his approach; it’s both likable and rousing.” (Filter)
  • “There’s No Leaving Now is another sweetly concise collection of ten songs by the eloquent Swede, whose nationality remains brilliantly masked by a Midwestern twang.” (Exclaim)
  • Playing Saturday 30 January 2015.


    American Swearing at Motorists started in 94 as a poster for a non-existent band in the town of Dayton Ohio. The poster started turning up in record stores and was followed by a cassette tape with rough demos played by Dave Doughman. Today the duo live in Berlin and consist of Dave (guitar and vocals) and Joseph Siwinske (drums). Doughman has said that Swearing at Motorist’s music is the soundtrack for a B-movie that he is living out and is thus a misguided tragicomic affair - just like life itself. But the two-man group is also an Indie rock party, which the audience is drawn into in a session of silly dance and sweaty, in-your-face rock.


    Like a peculiar, upright creature, Kentaur rises up on the Danish stage. Already hyped and critically acclaimed for their soulful neo-soul, they are ready to host a wintery Aalborg with their debut EP Vertebra by Vertebra. Kentaur has managed, over the course of a few months, to create massive interest in their “peculiar ability to moonland the atmosphere somewhere between the epic and the intimate without beating around the bush.” (Soundvenue) and not least their front man Marc, “a divine singer”. (P6 Debut).

    The boys’ ambition has been to put their egos on the shelf and free the songs from therapeutic or predefined needs. The songs must live their own lives and the hope is that this will provide the listener with space to create their own moods, interpretations and experiences in them. The trio’s unique sound stems from the interplay between vocalist Marc Bjørn Roland, producer Mikkel Juul Jensen and producer Søren Stenager. They present a new-soul which echoes their love of 70s and 80s R’nB, born of a deep fascination with the inscrutable and the banal.