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Ottone Pesante

This original lineup, composed by trumpet, trombone and drums, with a unique and inimitable heavy sound, let Ottone Pesante be one of the first Brassmetal (Brasscore) band in the world.


Since 2015 until now, OP released 1 EP (Ottone Pesante 2015), 2 full lengths (Brassphemy set in stone 2016, Apocalips 2018), a split (Subsoundrecords Split Series #8 2019) and a book of scores (Brassphemy set in score 2018).


More than 350 shows all over Europe through 18 countries in just 4 years, make OP a great live band.


They have success in different musical scenes because they destroyed a lot of boundaries between genres. This feature allows them to perform and be appreciated from Metal fan, Jazz listeners and every kind of rock, brass band and avant-garde fans.