Peter Kernel Northern Winter Beat Danmark


A lot of people have asked for Camilla Sparksss to reappear at the 2024 edition of Northern Winter Beat. We are happy to both fulfill your wish and disappoint you.

Camilla Sparksss aka. Barbara Lehnhoff is indeed returning. This time with post-punk-art-pop duo, Peter Kernel, whom we also had the pleasure of presenting back in 2016.

Lehnhoff and band mate, Aris Bassetti, describe their music as fully empty and simply complicated, we call it completely amazing. Their noisy sound, developed sense of melody, and hard-hitting live shows have sent them around Europe and Canada with more than 800 shows at a diverse list of settings, including Milan Fashion Week, Montreux Jazz Festival, noise festivals, and swimming pools.

Peter Kernel will be performing with a new album at NWB, until the release you can hear the newest single “Drift to Death”.

Peter Kernel — Drift To Death