Ashenspire Northern Winter BEat 2024


Ashenspire is an experimental metal group formed in 2013 as a means  of exploring the contradictions in herent in a contemporary capitalist world, tracing its roots from the empire-building of prior centuries to the neoliberal project of the modern world. The group presents challenging and abrasive musical textures (making use of sprechgesang, violin and saxophone extended techniques) in a progressive, post-black metal framework alongside incisive political critique of the historical basis and current state of postmodern life.

The band debuted in 2017 on Code666 records with Speak Not of the Laudanum Quandary, a critique of British Imperialism. In support of this they have performed with contemporaries A Forest of Stars, Ash Borer, Vampillia, Vulture Industries and CODE, amongst others. Its follow-up, the critically-acclaimed Hostile Architecture, was released in July 2022 and has featured on a great number of critics’ albums of the year lists. They have since toured in Germany and are due to make a number of European touring and festival appearances in 2023, including Denmark and the Netherlands.