Föllakzoid: Merging Ancient Andean Heritage with Contemporary Soundscapes

Originating from Santiago, Chile, Föllakzoid’s musical journey started a decade ago when childhood friends Domingae and Diego delved into a trance-like exploration. Rooted in Andean heritage, their sound seamlessly merges with contemporary technology.

Their fourth full-length album, ‘I,’ on Sacred Bones, represents a purifying evolution. Unlike previous records, it took three months to craft from over 60 separate stems, recorded in isolation. Renowned producer Atom TM then reshaped these stems without restrictions, resulting in four boundary-defying tracks.

Föllakzoid’s ‘I’ is a testament to their mission of challenging musical norms. Join them on a voyage where ancient and modern meet, redefining the musical narrative along the way.


Föllakoid – Feuerzeug