Emerging out of the Nordic experimental music scene, Fågelle is a wild collision of lyrical
beauty and unhinged, raw expression, where soundscapes, heaving with intricate detail,
meet radically fragile and powerful vocals.

Her solo live shows move between quiet folkloristic singing passages and almost orchestral
sound walls permeated by electronic disturbances. Songs building on a guitar riff, slowly
diving into dark obscurity. Rural Gothic and urban artificial light – moving in between these

On her upcoming album Den svenska vreden (The Swedish rage), with release date January
27th 2023 she’s exploring feelings of isolation and rage in collage-like soundscapes made
with twisted field recordings, memories, trash, synthesizers, and choirs while moving
between harmony and noise. Juxtaposing reveling songs and disruptive experiments to
reflect the whole in all their facets.


Fågelle – Helvetesdagar