In this podcast series we will be counting down to Northern Winter Beat 2023, which will be happening from January 26 till January 28th. In anticipation we are having a chat with two artists from this year’s line-up. We will get a chance to dive into the music, and get to know the people behind it.

In this episode we will introduce you to Ninna Lundberg, who you might know for her prominent role in the band Ganger where she is referred to as one of Denmark’s most distinctive and original new voices. She has now released her debut album “Two Two of You”, which is a collection of experimental sagas and personal narratives. Enjoy!

A disclaimer for our international listeners. Because of Ninna Lundberg being a Danish artist, the interview we base our podcast on, was conducted in Danish. As a result this episode will be in Danish. We sincerely hope that our international listeners will find their way to the written article about Ninna, which can be found on We appreciate your understanding!