We have a basket full off great news for you, and are very happy to announce more killer names to the line-up for Northern Winter Beat 2024!🎶

We already announced 10 acts: Juæie Byrne [US], Alabaster DePlume [UK], Deerfood [US], Backwash [ZM/CA], Peter Kernel [CH], Mariam The Believer [SE], Mary Ocher [IL] & Cantenac Dagar [FR]. Loog forward to amazing performances by: Avalanche Kaito [BE], CEL: Felix Kubin & Hubert Zelmer [DE/PL], Föllakzoid [CL], Hayden Pedigo [US] & The Soft Moon [US].


Avalanche Kaito (Glitterbeat) is a cutting-edge musical collective pushing the boundaries of genre. This diverse, globe-spanning group seamlessly blends rock, electronica, jazz, and avant-garde, creating an immersive sonic experience. Their live performances are a journey into uncharted territories, offering a rollercoaster of emotions and experimental exploration.

Felix Kubin, a multifaceted artist known for retrofuture electronic dance music, radio dramas, and orchestral compositions, teams up with Hubert Zelmer, a classically trained drummer and composer. Together, they form the duo CEL, crafting a debut album under the expert guidance of producer Tobias Levin. The album showcases rhythmic cadences and electrostatic discharges with instruments like vibraphone, xylophone, and African percussion. The result is a harmonious blend of Zelmer’s precision and Kubin’s eccentric electronics, creating a sense of controlled restlessness throughout the album.

Originating from Santiago, Chile, Föllakzoid’s musical journey started a decade ago when childhood friends Domingae and Diego delved into a trance-like exploration. Rooted in Andean heritage, their sound seamlessly merges with contemporary technology.Their fourth full-length album, ‘I,’ on Sacred Bones, represents a purifying evolution. Unlike previous records, it took three months to craft from over 60 separate stems, recorded in isolation. Renowned producer Atom TM then reshaped these stems without restrictions, resulting in four boundary-defying tracks.

Hailing from Texas, Hayden Pedigo is a master of the acoustic guitar and a pioneer in soundscape composition. His musical journey, influenced by American primitive fingerpicking, Nick Drake, and experimental sound, has led to collaborations with renowned artists. Whether adopting playful online personas or crafting thought-provoking album art, Hayden’s creativity knows no bounds. Hayden Pedigo’s sonic exploration transcends convention, blending tradition and innovation in his acoustic and soundscape compositions.

The Soft Moon, led by the visionary Luis Vasquez, has redefined the darkwave genre with their haunting melodies and hypnotic rhythms. Their music is an immersive dive into the human psyche, a fusion of vulnerability and sonic landscapes. Their live performances are a cathartic experience, blurring the lines between performer and audience, leaving an indelible mark. Their evolving discography, from their self-titled debut to “Criminal,” showcases their commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.

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