We are very happy to share some more great news with you. Two very diverse artists are ready for Northern Winter Beat 2024. In one corner we have scottish Ashenspire, with their take on progressive black metal, jazzy horns and feverish rants. And in the other corner we have Alec Ounsworth / Clap Your Hands Say Yeah with a Solo Piano performance at the Utzon Center auditorium.

Stay tuned… more news soon.


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: Solo Piano Performance [US] a dynamic indie rock band, gained acclaim with their 2005 self-titled debut, known for distinctive sound and Alec Ounsworth’s unique vocals. Evolving with a mix of indie, post-punk, and pop influences, their versatile discography solidifies them as a vibrant force in indie music, captivating audiences with engaging performances and timeless appeal.

Formed in 2013, Ashenspire [UK] blends progressive and post-black metal, exploring capitalist contradictions. Their 2017 debut critiques British Imperialism, and the 2022 follow-up, “Hostile Architecture,” addresses fascism, wealth gaps, and alienation. Influenced by Altar of Plagues, Colin Stetson, and Ed Scissor/Lamplighter, Ashenspire intensifies their anti-capitalist message. Catch them on their 2023 European tour, including Denmark and the Netherlands.

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